The garden and the cellar

The garden of Casa Ferrari is a vary rare case of ‘Hortus Conclusus’. The houses of the old villages have always been clustered and this last little room for gardens.

The garden has a cold tub with spring water for refreshing after the sauna, a deck with table and long chairs for sunbathing and a barbecue area. The garden can be accessed directly from the cellar or from the main hall.


The Cellar and its kitchen
Linked to Nonna Jole by private stairs, the cellar has a classic vaulted ceiling of red bricks and a very constant temperature year round. One area is separated by glass doors and contains the wines. The rest is the summer dining and breakfast room. It’s just THE perfect place to enjoy the unique culinary tradition of the area, fresh in summer and warm in winter. It’s an open space with a complete kitchen. The kitchen is fully equipped with 6 fires and 2 ovens, fridge and freezer, dishwasher.




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