The 10 best motorcycle rides

lesotho 4

1. Sani Pass between RSA and Lesotho

This is my favorite ride ever. Challenging on the way up, rewarding once at the top and just the most perfect track on the plateau. Traffic zero, blue sky and snow in august!


2. Dalton Highway – Alaska

Nothing is easy. Distances are mind-blowing. What you save in corners you have in mud. There are no places to stop. And it’s full of Grizzly bears…


 3. Deosai Plains – Pakistan

At 4000 metres both cylinders and lungs feel tired. More so when you have to ride (or push) on the worst ‘tracks’ ever invented by natives whose sense of humor is non-existent


4. Simpson desert – Australia

See that sand dune far ahead? Well, you need four wheels to cross it. It’s called BigRed, and it’s very, very red around here


5- Grand Tetons NP – Usa

I mean… what? There are even some corners among these mountains!



6- The Valley of the Assassins – Iran

The name alone is worth a trip. Which I could not do. But this landscape is quintessentially Persian.

DSCF04807- Chon-Ashu pass – Kyrgyzstan

The mountains of China not far ahead, 7000 metres high.


 8. Furka Pass – Switzerland

My grand mother was the first woman to drive up this road in 1932… On her honeymoon!

south island


9 – South Island – New Zealand

Basically, every road of the Southern Island is worth a ride…


10. Karakoram Highway – China and Pakistan

Section along the river Indus

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