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Swan 44 Cadeau


Sacred Seas – Porto to Coruna

The three main ideas you get sailing from Portugal to Holland is that the Galicians have a dreadful sense of aestethics, the …


The ‘Fruits de Mer’ cruise

Cadeau will spend the next summer sailing from Oporto to Amsterdam.  The mission is very simple: to taste every possible crustacean that …


Sailing Patagonia

Overview: the landscape is incredibly dramatic, the coast is packed with coves, inlets, bays and channels, many of them barely known, and …


Sailing touch

  Alas, they do indeed exist: tell tales, dials, digital arrows, analogic indicators and even mechanical wind finders. Any sailor wondering where …


The Swan 44 ‘Cadeau’

The Rough Guide to our Swan ‘Cadeau’ Orientation Although many might find it hard to understand maritime terminology, a few items are …