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Silk Road


Lettera ad una sconosciuta

Cos’abbiamo in comune noi due? Tutto, perché la curiosità è vita e in un istante entrambi vorremmo sapere come l’altro parli,  cammini, …


The road to Abbottabad

Where did I hear that name before? Abbottabad… it sounded familiar… Probably I was too tired to remember where and when… The …


Iranian images

A selection of images of Iran, on the road between Tabriz and Meshed, via Zanjan, Rash and Tehran


The Melons Road

Turkey One usually enters Turkey with even feelings, being its past commonly barely known or better still seldom studied, and the present …


The Apples Road

My personal idea of ‘growing up’ has been somewhat a parallel of an evolution between being a tourist and being a traveler …


The Apricot Road

Bypassing the Golden Arches I have that love for liberty that s peculiar of an aristocracy whose last hour has struck. The …


The Onion Road

Iranian Azerbaijan The prudent and experienced traveller would know better than waking up any immigration officer quietly sleeping on two chairs at …


The Potato Road

When entering a country where one is supposed to drive on the opposite side of the road, the inexperienced traveller usually expects …