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Sailing Patagonia

Overview: the landscape is incredibly dramatic, the coast is packed with coves, inlets, bays and channels, many of them barely known, and …


Iranian images

A selection of images of Iran, on the road between Tabriz and Meshed, via Zanjan, Rash and Tehran


Sailing touch

  Alas, they do indeed exist: tell tales, dials, digital arrows, analogic indicators and even mechanical wind finders. Any sailor wondering where …


Out and back

Australian outback, 1995 You might be aware of the fact that once one begins exploring the world using an off-road motorcycle, he …

Travel writers

‘We really do not know what to call this inner compulsion. Something grows, and loses its moorings, so that the day comes …


Casa Ferrari in Lesa

Welcome to Casa Ferrari in Lesa, Italian Lake district. Casa Ferrari was built sometime between 1750 and 1800. Situated right behind the glorious …